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Water which are included for the air(humidity) and plant production

Caution: This page is made with the purpose of the plant production, and it has been designed for the use in the ordinary temperature in which the crop grows.

Produced By Hoshi, Takehiko, Ph.D. (Tokai University)
Agri-Environment Experiment, Science House Pub. Ed. By Dr. Watanabe, Ichirou
Hand-Book for High-Tech. Agricultue production, Tokai Univ. Press Co., Ed. By Society of High-Technology in Agriculture

The humidity is important as an environmental condition which influences the growth of the plant with temperature and light. There is the relation which is profound with transpiration of the plant, generation of the disease, generation of the mists and fog, stresses of the plant, heating and cooling energy, etc. on the humidity in the air. And, there are various types, even if that the humidity is an index on the water which is included for the air goes to the draft with the humidity. In this page, it is made that the humidity is understood, though you measure the humidity actually, and though it is calculated, to be a purpose.

Table of Contents

  1. Measuring method of the humidity
  2. Calculation of the various humidities
  3. Description of the values concerning the humidity
  4. Humidity calculation sheet

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